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Solar Panel Solution
For Your Household & Business
Baltik Elektro - A reliable partner with international experience.
Solar Panel Solution
For Your Household & Business
Baltik Elektro - A reliable partner with international experience

Solar panel solution from A-Z

Our Vision - To provide customers with a complete solar panel solution. From project coordination to handover.
Individual solution for each client. support throughout project development

We prepare and submit documentation to Sadales Tīkls AS

Solar panels
High quality solar panels. 12 year warranty. 21.1% efficiency rate

Solar Inverter for Your Household Electricity

We provide delivery and installation of solar panels. Installation is done by professionals

The final measurements will be performed by a certified electrician before the project is handed over.

Why install solar panels?

Rising electricity prices are encouraging the idea of ​​alternative energy sources. More and more Latvians are choosing to install panels. As interest grows, questions also arise. We have summarized the main benefits of installing solar panels.

Living green doesn't always mean living expensive. When you start to inquire about the prices of solar panels, you may be confused - how much does the panel, inverter, cables, mounting brackets, etc. cost. To keep our customers from getting bogged down between quotes, we offer a solar panel solution from design to installation at indicative prices: 5.6 Kw - ~ 5490 + VAT &  / 10,4 kw - ~ 8490 + VAT

Independence from electricity price fluctuations
Prices on the solar exchange are and will remain unchanged. Natural gas and electricity prices have recently reached historic highs. If prices continue to rise in the future, you won't have to worry about that. Your electricity price will be fixed!
Environmentally friendly energy
Show an example to a neighbor! By installing solar panels, you will become a producer of environmentally friendly electricity! Solar panels are a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.
Real estate value
The value of a home after the installation of solar panels will definitely increase. As well as the panels on the roof of the house look aesthetically pleasing and definitely pay attention.
Short repayment period
At today's electricity prices, the payback period is about ~ 6.5 years. It is important to emphasize that the payback period is affected by electricity consumption. The more energy you consume, the shorter the payback period. Therefore, when installing panels, you need to change your habits - you need to use more electricity, not less.


We offer to buy the latest generation solar batteries (solar panels) from the world's leading solar panel manufacturers.

How much do solar panels cost?

The prices of solar panels depend on their capacity, the manufacturer and, of course, the seller. Several companies offer panels on the market at different and lower prices, so everyone can find the most suitable and profitable one.

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Yan Lacis
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