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From the 1940s to the 1980s, we forged the history of illumination,thanks to our intuition, wit and magnificent collaborations.Stilnovo participates in the 8th Triennale di Milano and immediately activates a communications campaign, focused on the most important specialised magazines in the sector.1..
SLV - FROM GLITTERBALLS AND A PASSION FOR LIGHTING TO WORLD-CLASS, MARKET LEADERSFrom humble beginnings in Germany; Sound, Light and Video was born out of the disco scene of 1979. Night clubs inspired by the 1977 box office hit ‘Saturday Night Fever’, looked for innovative ways to connect sound, lig..
The Italian Slamp was founded in 1992 by Roberto Ziliani and immediately attracted attention in the Italian designer and lighting world. Their beautiful designs and creative, high-quality lamps combine an eye for detail with industrial production.The Slamp success has grown enormously since the laun..
Since 1990 Rendl Ligt Studio provides best value high quality lighting solutions. Rendl Light Studio is constant innovation, with outsanding service and product quality and superb design. Our brand is underpinned by knowledge of lighting and the effects on people perception and induced beh..
Ever since Nordlux was established in 1977 it has been our goal to deliver quality lighting at attractive prices. But that is not all.We’re passionate about inspiring people to make the most of lighting. Simply put, we strive to contribute to change people’s lives into something better through our l..
Architectural lighting with an emphasis on straight long lines. That`s Macrolux`s distinctive feature.  A successful team with many new ideas insures the company`s bright future.100% Made in ItalyAll Macrolux products are entirely manufactured in Italy with an accurate control on the manufactur..
ONE REALITY INFINITE SOLUTIONSThe Linea Light Group is a unique group of entities specialising in various fields of the lighting industry that are independent and coordinated at the same time. A formula that allows to create complete and original answers for any architectural context: integrated sys..
LEDS C4 is a Spanish brand that has been dedicated to lighting for 40 years. They believe that their passion for lighting 'provides wellbeing and comfort, makes the inhospitable habitable, adds functionality to spaces, and reveals the beauty of each landscape and architectural attribute'. These fort..
Founded in 1974, Ideal Lux is born as a small reality led by the intuition of creating a current product, but at the same time affordable for a wide bracket of public, a target that is still being pursued today.Our ambition is to keep into one unique brand the widest variety possible of styles, adeq..
Founded in Merano in 1962, FLOS is recognized as a leading international-level manufacturer of top-end designer lighting and innovative lighting systems for both residential and professional sectors. FLOS boasts a catalogue packed with iconic lamps created by legendary names in the history of design..
Experts in lighting and ceiling fan design.We design objects with the happiness and wellbeing in mind of the people who are going to be in contact with them. We believe in honest, approachable and accessible design.Faro Barcelona is formed by a team of 103 people who live design in a different way. ..
RESEARCH AND TRADITIONFabbian was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for residential and commercial purposes. This culture, along with tradition and quality, has always inspired our products, allowing the company to achieve international recognition and stature. Great..
Artemide – lighting from generations to generationsThe name Artemide has been synonymous with high-quality lighting since 1960. Following the motto "The Human Light" ”, the Italian manufacturer developed lights and lighting systems that are tailored to people’s needs. Over the course of the followin..
At Arkoslight, light flows through our veins. For more than three decades, time itself has borne witness to our commitment to creating an enormous range of lighting solutions. Day after day, we endeavour to bring you the best possible luminaires. Our products are meticulously researched, incorporate..
ARIA — COME TO LIGHTWe believe in empowering choice.We provide designers minimalist products with a multitude of options. Pure shapes, clean lines and gentle aperturesthat deliver precise performance where needed.Imagination comes to light.Starting with the building blocks of IVELA’s 35+ years’ expe..
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